Daniela Pesendorfer

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Ornamental Dirt

An old, empty factory (Ankerbrotfabrik) in Vienna inspires to develope ornamental, baroque, splendid-looking images of dirt and waste.

With the detail of a photography that shows the dirty floor of the Ankerfabrik, we develop an ornamental photo. Starting  with the same piece of ground, either of us tforms hrough duplication, rotation and mirroring an ornament. Here we are interested in the difference arises from the difference in our approach.

Laminated plates slightly raised or lying on the ground leaning against the wall are planned. We would also like to use the real dirt on the floor and give it  an ornamental pattern.  Here we are interested in the exclusive use of the material waste and the volatility of the lush, baroque floor design.

The photographs and floor arrangements are in the same room, but  not placed close  to each other.

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